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If you have a license that supports multiple clients, you can install Librarian Workstations on other computers in your library. Alexandria will install clients over the world wide web.
Alexandria installs clients over the world wide web; to do this, make sure that you’ve set up an operator with an Administrator-level Security Group, User ID, and Password in the Patrons management window of your main Data Station. Otherwise, you will be prompted to create an Administrator-level operator the first time you attempt to access any of Alexandria’s web applications (e.g. /librarian, /researcher, /install, etcetera).
  1. Your main Alexandria Data Station must be running in order for you to install clients.
  2. Determine which computer the client will be installed on. On that machine, open an internet web browser (e.g. an Internet Explorer or Firefox web-browsing window).
  3. In the browser Address field (located in the upper-left corner of the window), type the IP address of your Alexandria Data Station followed by “/install” (for Windows users or those running Macintosh OSX) or “/install_mac[1]” (for those running Macintosh OS9).
    Alexandria Client Install Window.jpg

    If you are not sure what IP address your Data Station uses, it appears on your Transaction log each time Alexandria is launched. It is located approximately three or four lines down and will display To Access the Researcher, http: [your IP address here].
    Locating Your IP Address.jpg

    If you have problems locating your IP address, please contact your network administrator for further assistance. If your network administrator is not available, feel free to contact the COMPanion Technical Support team.
  4. If you performed the latter step correctly, the Alexandria Client Installation page should appear, requiring that you input your Login User Name and Password. Your user name and password are the same found on the Administration preferences window of your Alexandria Data Station.
  5. From the provided links, select the appropriate Librarian Workstation to install:
    Windows Librarian or OS X Librarian.
  6. The client installer will be downloaded to your machine. After it has finished downloading, an Alexandria folder will appear on your operating system desktop with the appropriate installation files inside (this folder can be moved anywhere on your machine, it's only installed on the desktop to make it easier to find).
  7. Double-click on the Alexandria installer icon to begin installation.

Client Installer Resources

The first time your main Data Station is launched, Alexandria will automatically verify (via internet connection to COMPanion's update server) that you have the proper OSX and Windows client Installer Resources for Librarian Workstations. These files are necessary for downloading and installing Librarian Workstations on Macintosh or Windows machines.
You should always have the client resources for the operating system that your Data Station was installed on; these are created during the installation process. For example, if your main Data Station was installed on a Windows machine, then the Win Librarian client resources were automatically created during installation—and vice versa. However, additional client resources will have to be downloaded.
By default, this is typically a passive process; missing resources are automatically downloaded when Alexandria starts. This ensures that you always have the latest versions of the client resources on startup.
However, if you don't have a persistent internet connection or you purposely keep your Data Station disconnected from the internet, but want Librarian Workstations to connect to your main Data Station via internal LAN, you'll have to manually place these installer resources into your Alexandria Support folder. If this is necessary, please contact our Technical Support team and follow their step-by-step instructions.
If you're confident that you can perform these steps without guidance, client Installer Resource files can be downloaded from the Alexandria website: or by clicking here.

Configuring Alexandria Web Librarian

Web Librarian is an optional feature of Alexandria. This feature is activated by information you enter into the Registration window during installation.

  1. Under the Edit menu, select System Preferences (Cmnd/Ctrl ;).
  2. In the System Preferences window, select the Site Information icon.
  3. Set the Web settings for users who will be accessing Alexandria over the internet.
  4. To use Web Librarian, launch your web browser (for example, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft's Internet Explorer).
  5. In the address field of your browser window, enter the IP address of your Data Station (the IP address is displayed in Alexandria's transaction log when you first launch the Data Station) or DNS name assigned to that IP address by your system administrator. The address field is usually located at the top of the browser window and is usually labeled either Address, Location, or Go To.
  6. If you changed the port value when setting the Web preferences, type a colon followed by the port number at the end of your www address. For example, if the location of your Data Station is ( and you changed the port value to 81, type “” in the Address field (without the quotation marks).
- NOTE -
If you are not familiar with browsers, domain names, IP addresses or other information mentioned above, see your system administrator or other qualified individuals in your organization to help you get set up.

See Also

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Technical Support team:

Telephone: 1-800-347-4942

Notes, Footnotes, and/or References

  1. If you don't have the correct Java applet installed on your computer (in this case, Java Plug-in 1.3 or higher), you will be required to install it before you can download clients. Your browser should automatically detect whether you have the correct Java version installed. If it does not, follow the links and install instructions that the web page provides. If your Java plug-in is up-to-date or you have just installed it, click the Grant this session button on the Java page to begin your Web Install session. Alexandria then allows you to download a Librarian Workstation. If your browser is having problems running the Java applet, you can use the alternative “/alt_install” to download the pre-installed client application to your workstation.
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