Alexandria Library Automation Software

More than just library software – Alexandria was designed to inspire and foster a love of learning in patrons of all ages and backgrounds. That is why we strive to make it as accessible and accommodating as possible, for libraries of all shapes and sizes.

The Library Software That
Empowers Librarians

Increase Patron Engagement

By making books easier to locate, creating a platform for sharing and interaction, and customizable elements that make the interface more inviting.

Minimal IT Requirements

Our system is simple to set up, and even easier to maintain. We handle all of your data conversion, updates, and new releases.

Plenty of Helpful Resources

Besides our 24/7 live tech support, we also constantly publish helpful tips & tricks, best practices and other creative, inspiring content that librarians love.

Ready to Have Your Library Your Way?

Alexandria Library Automation Software has been trusted by libraries across the globe for almost 30 years, and there’s a reason why – a simple platform that fits any budget, empowers librarians, and inspires patrons.


KeepnTrack Visitor, Volunteer, + Student Management Software

A visitor management software suite that will transform the way you manage all traffic that enters your campus. KeepnTrack streamlines many daily activities, removing the potential for error and allowing administrators to focus on more significant tasks.

How Does KeepnTrack Help You
Improve Visitor Management?

Improve Security

Take a proactive approach to campus safety by vetting every individual who enters your facility, while storing information about their visit.

Empower Staff

Give administrators the tools and information to make accurate decisions related to every area of person management on campus, in real-time.

Focus on What Matters

Save time and resources by automating data capture and retrieval, allowing staff to accomplish their primary responsibilities without interruptions.

Visitor management doesn't have to be complicated.

Take advantage of a tool that increases operational efficiency, mitigates liability, and reduces administrative cost.


Textbook Tracker Asset Management Software

A powerful asset management tool that is fully integrated with Alexandria library software, which allows administrators to optimize operational budgets by drastically improving the way they manage one of their largest expenses: textbooks.

What Makes Textbook Tracker
Different from the Rest?

Streamline Circulation

More efficiently allocate textbooks and other assets with a real-time snapshot of how your inventory is currently distributed.

Asset Protection

Significantly reduce asset loss by using a dependable digital method of capturing and storing details related to asset possession.

Eliminate Waste

By avoiding unnecessary purchases - make accurate resource planning decisions based on reliable data about real inventory levels.

Optimize your budget with Textbook Tracker

Stop letting asset management drain your time and resources.